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Maiden of Pain

Loviatan Services

  • Lurker

    Hit Points 0
    Damage Taken: 0
    Remaining: 0
    • No Effects
    0 gps
  • A priestess strolls causally over to the shadow you cower, strapping her left hand with a riding crop. She addresses you: "Rise from the shadows, lurker, to enjoy my offerings."
    • A simple vice clamped on your large toe of choice. A priestess slowly turns the screw, stopping before crushing your toe

    • 10 lashes across your bare backside with a flexible rod made of bundled leafless twigs

    • Used to prepare wool, the priestess will rake the comb over your front and back, scraping and tearing your flesh

    • Your wrists and ankles are chained to two rollers. A priestess ratchets one roller, stretching you until multiple "pops" are heard

    • You are strapped naked to an iron chair with 1000 protruding spikes. You are pushed down and back by an ever-increasing force

    • You are placed inside a bronze bull, with a fire burning under it. The safe-word to scream when you had enough is: telemarchuspindortophet

    • Share the love Donation: 1150 gp

      Share the love is a spell of Loviatar that binds your body with another resident while you are experiencing one of the Maiden of Pain's pleasures. Due to the nature of this spell, if the recipient of your "generosity" is dead or unconscious, they will be restored and their remaining hit points will be set to 1. Works on elves