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Cesar Pet Food for Small Dogs

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Wilorin, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Wilorin Tenderfoot

    • AC 17
    • HP 8/8
    • Level
    • 1
    • Experience
    • 312
    • Next Level
    • 1000
    Neutral, male
    Rogue (1)
    I just finished feeding my dog when it dawned on me: Cesar does not finish their "flavour" sentence. Today I fed him Chicken flavour. I had to ask myself chicken flavoured what?

    I know they have the word Entrée in big letters. That doesn't finish the above mentioned sentence. When you are in a restaurant the waiter/waitress does not present you with a menu that has a heading of Entrées followed by a list of: Porterhouse flavour, Chicken flavour, Lamb and Duck flavour, etc.

    Nor, is there a sign outside any restaurants listing the daily special as "Chicken and Turkey Flavour".

    Another question then popped into my ever quizzical and maddening mind: how do the makers of Cesar Entrées know what it tastes like? To make such bold statements of what "flavour" you are serving your dog, they must have human tasters, right? If so, do they know what that missing last word is? In my opinion, they probably don't and most likely never want to. What a job that would be. Imagine, sitting at your desk and someone walks up to you with a tub and says, " we came up with a new flavour, we think. What does it taste like to you?"

    If there are no human tasters then that means their flavours are just guestimates. And if so, they should be forced to print a disclaimer as the part of the flavour name. Something like this maybe: Porterhouse (we think) flavour, or Chicken and Duck (well we don't know, it could be one, both, or neither) flavour.

    My dog doesn't care. He eats it. Although some days he stares at it for a few minutes and whimpers, and then he eats it.

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