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Character Biographies

Discussion in 'Bios' started by Lure Master, Mar 31, 2017.

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  1. Lure Master Slaver

    Lure Master
    • AC 17
    • HP 7/7
    • Level
    • 1
    • Experience
    • 109
    • Next Level
    • 1000
    Lawful Neutral, male
    Rogue (1)
    Your character's biography can be in any format you choose be it point form, 1st person perspective, or 3rd person.

    All residents can edit their posts indefinitely, or even delete their biography to begin anew. As a result of this, earned experience and gold is reduced to slightly less than what is earned in the Introductions forum.

    I look forward to knowing your character better, :)
    Lure Master has earned 6 experience, and 1 gold
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Thread Status:
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