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Having Trouble Creating an Interesting PC?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Wilorin, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Wilorin Tenderfoot

    • AC 17
    • HP 8/8
    • Level
    • 1
    • Experience
    • 312
    • Next Level
    • 1000
    Neutral, male
    Rogue (1)
    You can try this site here, created by Ryan Grant. As you can see by the URL, if the f-word bothers you, you may not want to visit the site. I think it would be really fun to role play a character it generates (as much as possible anyways) that has found their way to Skullport. Of course the adventure would most likely be a tad whimsical.

    Click the link below the character's description to haven another generated.
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