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1d4damage Norse Foundry Chainmail: A Review of Metal Dice

Discussion in 'D&D Discussions' started by Feeder, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Feeder Dungeon Crawler

    By 1d4damage

    An excellent little review from over at https://dmleviathan.wordpress.com if you haven’t visited then you’re missing out!


    (A great review by Guest Contributor JB Little. For more, check out his YouTube and Twitter @Dropthedie )

    I’m something of a dice addict. Twenty eight sets of various colors, sizes, shapes, clarities — but that does not mean I’m easy to please. Once I finally dipped my toe into metal dice, I knew it was bad news for my bank account and any silent DM rolls from then on.

    The newest addition to my ever growing collection came from Norse Foundry in the way of their “Chainmail Silver” dice set – apparently one of their older offerings. Part of the reason I chose this set was because I had absolutely no idea what color they were even supposed to be from their website.



    Norse Foundry is not known for having the best packaging, and that’s pretty true here as well. It will not be a life-long storage solution…

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