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Riktor Part One

Discussion in 'Original Works' started by Feeder, May 2, 2017.

  1. Feeder Dungeon Crawler

    By riktorbernan

    This is the story of the making of the world.

    This is the beginning of things which have already begun, and things which will not end.

    Madaline bent her knees and twisted her hands as she dug her spear into the last of the Goblins. She did not let the blade travel all of the way through to the soil of the forest. The ground was full of stones and would damage the edge. She placed a heavy foot on the thing’s neck and withdrew the spear.

    “Jonas!” She called, turning her head around.

    A boy poked his head of grey hair from around a tree.

    “Yes mothermine?”

    Madaline regarded her son, then looked towards the scorched ground some forty feet away where this particular fight had begun. There were charred logs and three burned Goblins.

    “What is the lesson Jonas?”

    Jonas, followed Madaline’s gaze, he twisted his lips together and to one side. He looked back at his mother, she was wiping off the end of her spear and looking into the trees. Stilling looking out at the forest she knelt by the corpse and started searching through its clothes, its bags, its scraps of armour. Remembering her lessons, he jerked forward and went over to the closest other uncharred body. He took out his sharp knife and began looking through the thing’s pockets.

    “I’m waiting for an answer boy”

    Jonas moved to the next Goblin and repeated his task. He huffed.

    “Don’t cast fire from horseback.”

    Madaline looked around again, clucked her tongue in her mouth three times. And waited.

    “Did you find anything worth while?”

    “Some copper Mothermine, these knives are good metal.” He clanked the blades together. “They’re not bad metal”.

    Madaline huffed.

    “I don’t think he’s coming back on his own. We need to find our horse.” She said into the tree and she set off towards the south. Jonas twisted his lips again, and set off after her.

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