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Rules & Definitions

Discussion in 'Forum Rules & Guides' started by Lure Master, Jan 13, 2017.

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    Skullport Rules and Definitions

    To ensure a friendly Out of Character (OoC) community and an enjoyable role-playing experience we ask that you follow our rules and respect our guidelines. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact one of the site Administrators (Slavers) or Super Moderators (Bounty Hunters).


    • Although we encourage debating and discussions, we will not tolerate personal attacks, rude or insulting posts, or inflammatory posts or replies. The decisions we make regarding these posts are final.
    • Replying to bump your thread is not allowed. Replying when the last post or reply is your own is only accepted in the specified forums.
    • Advertising, spamming, or creating posts purposely to inflame others (trolling) or to promote a contest(s) is not allowed. This also applies to email, personal conversations, profiles, and signatures.
    • Posts and replies that are sexually explicit are not allowed in the OoC or In Character (IC) forums. Nor will any post, reply, or link that violates our standard. Our Administrators and Super Moderators shall be the arbitrators on what does or does not violate our community standards.
    • Discussion of illegal activity such as software, music, and video piracy, and other intellectual property violations, are not allowed.
    • Each member is allowed one account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed with the exception of Administrators, Super Moderators, or other Skullport staff, for the purpose of site atmosphere.
    • We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without warning.
    Although these rules cover most common situations, they can not anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not abused or disrupted in any way.


    Spamming is considered as posting a meaningless topic, off-topic replies, quoting text to agree or disagree without a qualifying statement, or making numerous replies in the same topic one after the other in a short period of time. As the definition of spamming can be argumentative, some leeway may be tolerated; however, we ask that you refrain from doing so.

    Flaming of a member, or group of members, making personal attacks, or statements we feel are slanderous to another member, group, or organization, will not be tolerated in our forum. We reserve the right to edit out any text we feel is inappropriate.

    Double Posting
    Double posting is defined as two or more consecutive replies to the same topic made by the same member. Double posting is not permitted within the Skullport forums with the following exception: Forums that have topics that can only be replied to by the originator. Double posting will not be tolerated to bump a topic to the top of a forum.


    Use of Foul Language
    The Foul Language filter is off and shall remain so as we understand there are occasions when no other word can portray a feeling or emotion, or generate the impact you are trying to describe. In the setting like Skullport's you can expect a fair amount of foul language to be used IC. We ask that you use such words with discretion as there are members of varying ages, and moral values, that may be reading your posts.

    In Character vs. Out of Character
    Skullport consists of three types of forums: IC, OoC, and one forum that may be either. With the exception of that forum, replies will be made appropriately. You write IC replies on behalf of the character you are portraying, and OoC replies representing you, the person. OoC boards will never contain IC replies with the exception of site staff to maintain the atmosphere of the site.

    Signatures will not contain links to sites we find inappropriate or unlawful. Your signature may contain a link to another fantasy setting, non-adult orientated site or forum, or your own site. Administrators must approve links to any other site or forum you wish to contain in your signature.

    Avatars must closely reflect the setting of this site. Avatars should be a minimum of 192 px wide and 300 px high with a width to height ratio of 0.64. Square avatars of at least 192 px wide are acceptable.

    In-line Images

    IC forums will not contain images that do not enhance the story, and OoC forums will only contain images uploaded as an attachment to our site or linked to a reputable image-hosting site, and will not be linked to any site that hosts inappropriate pictures, or links. This site utilises a proxy system for off-site images and links to prevent HTTPS security errors.

    Becoming a Resident of Skullport

    By joining Skullport you agree that your account and posts will only be deleted by our discretion. Your account and posts will remain the property of Skullport.net, and can be used on this site, or sent to various social networking sites. You will retain the copyright to your posts. No staff or member will have access to your account. If you no longer want to participate on this site, all your personal information will be removed from your account, and the password changed to a random string.

    By joining Skullport you agree that you understand that the setting is dismal and dangerous. It is filled with thieves, pirates, backstabbers, murderers, and other low forms of life, therefore IC posts may contain graphic violence, be sexually suggestive, or contain words you may find inappropriate. Some of these posts may be directed at the character you are roleplaying. You also agree you will not take such IC posts personally as this is the setting of Skullport.

    Respecting our Rules

    Participating at Skullport.net is not a right, but a privilege, and we ask that you respect the rules contained herein. Although you may not agree with the administrators or moderators with respect to certain issues or decisions at times, we ask that you respect the fact that we are doing what we feel is best overall for our members and our forum.

    Our goal is to maintain an ever-growing community of individuals that enjoy role playing in this genre as much as we do.

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