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Riktor The Salutation to the Unusual and Unfortunate You

Discussion in 'Original Works' started by Feeder, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Feeder Dungeon Crawler

    By riktorbernan

    I greet you with all sincerity and warmth of heart as to have been passed this manuscript is to have passed the trials and we are therefore siblings in the Delve.

    It is the experience of our worthy masters in this Candlekeep that for a thought to be of value it must be committed to paper and so it is my honour as the most senior literate Sergeant to transcribe here some of those wisdoms which I may be imparting to you orally in the course of our work together. Being experienced in the Delve I know full well that a number of others have been handed identical volumes and that if you are able to discern these words you are perhaps one amongst ten of your cohort. Stout, brave and hale as we know them to be most Delvers wouldn’t give a Halfcopper Jiz for the written word.

    And lettered as you are you will attract the notice of the fine knights and mages who will lead you into the depths in search of those things our masters desire. I will therefore impart some advice in these pages which your less erudite comrades will have no need for. Study well, and study now as from this moment you may be called upon to serve in danger and in the dark and it vexes me greatly to recover from the broken backed corpse of a new Delver a freshly presented book full of good advice with its spine uncracked.

    See the Sun – Delve Sergeant Riktor Bernan

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